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At Okapuka Horse Safaris we've created an unforgettable riding experience for our visitors. ​Imagine riding among a herd of giraffe or wildebeest, or watching rhino from a safe distance! The combination of riding and game viewing is unbeatable.


To guarantee a personal experience we restrict our group size to a maximum of 6 riders led by an experienced guide. Our fun loving Arabian horses, game viewing, scenery, professional guiding and personal attention ensure you of an unforgettable riding holiday. To add to the pleasure of your visit we also offer you comfortable accommodation, à la carte cuisine and the finest beers and wines of Southern Africa. Not for nothing has one of our guests described the Okapuka experience as "The Best of Both Worlds"!


If you, as a non-rider, decide to keep your riding partner company, the lodge offers multiple activities: game drives, feeding of the rescue cheetahs, mountain drives and sunset drives. There are 2 hiking trails and swimming pools.


Okapuka Horse Safaris
Okapuka Horse Safaris
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