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Okapuka Horse Safaris

Okapuka is a malaria-free private game reserve of 10,000 hectares. On the safaris you will be accompanied by an experienced guide and you will ride beautiful Arabian horses through a very varied landscape always on the lookout for game and enjoying the stunning scenery.

We have riding rights throughout the neighbouring farms which makes the total area 20,000 hectares and the possibilities almost unlimited.

You will feel part of this fascinating surrounding; an unforgettable experience!


The wildlife at Okapuka is outstanding for its variety and quantity. Great effort is put into maintaining Okapuka as one of the best stocked private game reserves in Namibia.


The rides will have you explore the different habitats of the game and the diverse topography. During your stay you are likely to see white rhino, giraffe, eland, gemsbok, kudu, black and blue wildebeest, red hartebeest, waterbuck, steenbok, duiker, ostrich, impala, springbok, black-backed jackal, bat-eared fox, mountain and plains zebra and the rare sable antelope. Sightings of cheetah, leopard and brown hyena do happen, but you need to be lucky.


The terrain is a combination of savannah and rocky mountains up to 2,000m. Some of our rides are designed to explore the mountainous trails where the views are stunning yet the game can be scarce and difficult to spot. Other rides, mainly along game trails on savannah plains will bring you in close contact with the game. All our trails are designed to provide you with as much variation as possible and are focused on quality riding.


During a week’s stay you will ride an average of 4 hours per day. The riding can be fairly intensive and you are welcome to take either a morning, afternoon or day off “out of the saddle” to enjoy the other activities or just recuperate by the pool. Having said that, there will be plenty of time to make photos when approaching wildlife. So do bring your camera and GoPro. 


Because of the nature of our horses (they may have a 'wicked sense of humour') it goes without saying that our trails are for experienced riders only.

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