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Okapuka Horse Safaris
Okapuka Horse Safaris
Okapuka Horse Safaris

Okapuka Horse Safaris is pleased to offer you the chance to participate in some of the (inter)national endurance rides in Namibia. For 2020 we have selected 7 rides within a radius of a 4 hours drive. All rides will follow the rules and regulations of the International Endurance Federation (FEI).


You don't have to be an endurance rider to be able to join us, but you do need to be a fit and experienced rider. You will receive instructions during your stay and will be accompanied by Ingeborg giving you the do's and don’ts and the why and why-nots during your training. She will also set the pace and give you further instructions during the actual competition itself.


Your stay will be a combination of game viewing from horseback, the training for and the actual endurance competition. This means you will have the luxury of riding 2 horses; one you will train for the endurance and the actual competition itself and the second horse is for your safari rides.


What you need for the endurance competition:

  • Hard hat (mandatory)

  • Tight fitting riding trousers

  • Half chaps

  • Comfortable riding shoes with profiled soles with a 1 inch heel (full boots and shoes with leather soles are definitely not recommended)

  • Camel bag (advised for longer distances)

  • Gloves (for cold weather and 'just-in-case')

Please make sure your clothing is comfortable to wear. The rest of your equipment will be provided by Okapuka Horse Safaris.


Each year at the end of November we will have the dates for the endurance rides for the next year.


Dates 2022:

We are eagerly awaiting the dates for 2022, which will most probably somewhere around the middle of December.


All the above rides are national rides only.

For obvious reasons we will have fixed arrival dates. Please contact us for availability.


For the results of our rides please have a look at News.


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