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Sophie & Marqee
Marion Lefebvre
Close to giraffe
Lockdown 2020

En 2016, je choisis Okapuka Horse Safari pour mon premier safari africain, attirée par cette expérience proposée sur des chevaux pur-sangs arabes! Ce fut une rencontre magique avec Ingeborg et ses magnifiques chevaux, qui m’a permis de découvrir ce superbe pays d’Afrique.
Et l’histoire se poursuit! Après l’expérience du safari à cheval, j’ai refait confiance à Ingeborg et ses chevaux pour découvrir l’univers de la course d’endurance. Bien que totalement novice dans ce domaine, je lui ai fait une entière confiance pour me guider dans cette aventure! Une première course en 2017, puis deux autres l’année d’après, et encore deux cette année! Et ce n’est pas fini!
Une éleveuse attachante et passionnée, qui nous emmènera à la découverte de son pays d’adoption et des courses d’endurance!
Des chevaux sensibles, fiers, aimés, respectés qui, avec leurs grands cœurs, vous emmèneront au bout des pistes namibiennes!
Des expériences à chaque fois inoubliables, qui marqueront à jamais votre cœur et vos âmes!​

SA – France (January 2020)

My dream was to make a safari on horseback and with Ingeborg my dream came true!!
It was so nice to ride her beautiful arabian horses! All horses are very nice and endurant, well fed and cared.
The safari rides were really wonderful; mountain ride was incredible; picnics were tasty; and if you need information about animals or Namibia, Ingeborg always takes time to explain to you.
The negative point was that it was really awful to leave the last day of our trip ...

So ... I came back to Namibia one year later to do an endurance competition. During the week before the race we had training (and safaris!) and all information for the race: so nice to discover in these conditions endurance!!! The atmosphere was really good in Ingeborg's team and also with Namibian riders.
So ... I came back again twice and I have plans to come back during next year!! It's always a huge pleasure to go there and ride with Ingeborg.

ML – France (January 2020)

I am excited to travel to Namibia and join Ingeborg at Okapuka Horse Safaris for the 3rd time! 

My take away from this 8-day vacation? Each riding moment comes as a unique one: in the middle of plain nature, away from our so-called "civilization", meeting lots of different wildlife: giraffes, rhino, oryx, sable antelopes, springbok ... a delight for the eye, all in a lush and green bush, under mild, ideal temperatures. Okapuka Horse Safaris offers a wide variety of terrains: flat and sandy, bush, mountains ... a brand new experience every day!

Ingeborg is very good at pairing horses and guests, so that both can have a good experience. All horses are extremely well taken care of. They are very experienced and calm while in safari and Ingeborg's knowledge of the ecosystem is huge and highly valuable.

Ending a good day also means visiting cheetahs being fed (Okapuka serves as a rehabilitation center for mistreated animals) and asking plenty of questions about the country's efforts in wildlife conservation. Watching the sunset, surrounded by animals with a glass of cool white wine is the "cherry on the cake" of an evening to end up with a wonderful dinner at the lodge.

In other words, a vacation of a lifetime that I can only, highly recommend!

MC – Morocco (March 2020)


When a 2 week holiday becomes 3 months! Six weeks on our own to begin with as staff was not allowed to travel. So much fun to help you with the horses, we had amazing rides, sundowner in the river and aperitifs with the fireplace burning towards the end of my stay. This special time will stay forever engraved in my memory as it was such a privilege to be locked down with you at Okapuka Horse Safaris. As always, it is not a goodbye, but a see you soon!

AM – France (March / June 2020)

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