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Our horses are our greatest and most important assets. We have 19 pure-bred Arabian horses, an Arabian cross and a Quarter horse. We have chosen Arabian blood for their even temperament and to ensure a safe yet exciting ride.


Some of our lovely creatures were bought in Namibia or born at our own stud (, whereas others were imported from South Africa, Europe and the United States. Not only do they compete successfully in national and international endurance rides, but also achieve excellent results in the show ring.


At the stables the horses live in large sandy paddocks. On a regular basis they go on holiday in a 1,500 hectare camp where they can graze, play and be horse again. When it’s time for work we pick them up, school them and make sure that they are ready for you. This keeps their mind and spirit alive; they are willing to work and a pleasure to ride.


All effort is made to ensure the right combination between horse and rider. 


For the welfare of our horses and because of their size we limit the weight of our riders to 85kg for our safari rides and 75kg for our endurance competitions.


It goes without saying that we've trained our horses in all aspects of trail riding. Our riding style is English.


It is with great pride that we can say that we have happy, fun loving and forward going horses!



We use light-weight endurance saddles covered with sheep skin bumnahs. These saddles –made by Leon Liversage– are comfortable for both horse and rider and designed for long hours in the saddle.

All saddles carry a saddle bag that have enough space for cold water (provided) and your personal equipment (camera, suntan lotion, binoculars, etc.).

The stirrups are wide and give you plenty of support.


Some of our horses are ridden either on an eggbutt snaffle bit or a French loose ring training snaffle bit.


We expect you to groom and tack up your own horse. This creates a bond between horse and rider that both parties will rely on during the day’s adventures. When you return from your ride you will be asked to assist in showering your horse prior to enjoying that well earned drink at the bar. If this sounds too much like hard work when on holiday, then we cordially suggest that you pick up your mount at either Hertz or Avis.

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